Plogging: The eco-friendly workout trend that is sweeping the globe has arrived at Barcelona with Agua de Lanjarón.

A new international workout trend has made it possible to get in shape and care for the environment at the same time.

Groups of people around the world are picking up trash while out running, an activity is known as “plogging”, a combination of jogging and the Swedish word for pick up, plocka upp. Started in Sweden, this innovative activity has gone global, gaining popularity among environmentalists and fitness enthusiasts alike. Since then the movement has grown organically around the world.

The mineral water brand, Lanjarón, is committed to the environment. Its products have a close link with nature. Therefore, sustainability is one of the basic pillars that govern their business and work every day to be a company that respects the environment. The Lanjarón Project is the commitment to contribute to the protection of the purity of natural spaces.

#PloggingLanjaron organized by Agua de Lanjarón is the first running and walking event to promote recycling and the protection of the environment in Barcelona.

Nearly 200 people were present at the #PloggingLanjaron at the Parc Fluvial del Besòs; in a day full of physical activity and fun where a large amount of waste was collected and then classified to be recycled and transformed to give them a second chance and prevent them from ending up in the seas or rivers.

During the event, many surprises were present, Sunnto Spain as a collaborator of the event, rewarded one lucky volunteer with a «Suunto 9» watch, meanwhile Agua de Lanjarón gave away an ECOALF backpack, which carries much more than just items, they are part of the ‘responsibility philosophy’: recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets are its main materials.

The CA Sports Marketing team is very pleased to have worked in such great activation with such a great company with a great environmental conscience such as Agua de Lanjarón, which through its projects for the protection of the environment make our planet a cleaner place. And Suunto Spain for its amazing collaboration in the event.

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